Review of the last couple weeks

It’s has been 11 days since my last update – I haven’t quite gotten back into the swing of blogging. (Not that I was super consistent to begin with!)

Last time I wrote I had practically convinced myself I had hypothyroidism. Well, I had my physical last week and had about 4,000 (read: 8) blood tests run, and wouldn’t you know?! My greatest fears (concerns) were realized…

I do not have hypothyroidism. Or anything really wrong with my thyroid or immune system at all… What I do have? High cholesterol, high triglycerides, borderline glucose levels, and a vitamin D deficiency.

What does that mean?

Well, the first three mean that I need to exercise more and cut out some of the pork, beef, and dessert I love to eat while continuing to consume allllllll the fruits, veggies, and fish. The third offers me a pretty solid explanation for some of my body’s weirdness; the exhaustion/fatigue, the horrific brain fog, some of the joint soreness, my irregular menstrual cycles, constipation (you’re welcome), some of my depression, and (drum roll, please)… some of my recent weight gain.

Who knew vitamin D did so much for you?!

(I did. I knew. I just had no idea I was deficient. This also just fuels my long-standing belief that I should live farther south to I can spend more time outdoors year-round.)

So to rewind a little bit, the high cholesterol and triglycerides – I am supremely unhappy about this and have been pretty depressed about it for the last few days since receiving my test results. It’s also been hard not to fall down that self-hate spiral of running a constant inner-monologue telling myself what a broken, fat, lazy slob I am and now we can just add hypochondriac to the list of crazy/neurosis, etc. etc. But last week I did start back up with daily exercise and this is the healthiest way to deal with both the physical and the emotional.

Some (or all) of you may remember my #100daysofchange and #365daysofchange projects on Instagram. Well, like it or be completely annoyed by it, I’m making daily posts again to track my daily exercise for however long it takes to create the new habit and make it stick – yes, even through a full winter, which is my biggest hurdle every.single.year. Here are some from this first week:

Should ye be interested, thar be a link to said Instagram account right over here –>

This weekend it is my intention to begin sharing tracking/progress posts as I did pretty regularly back in the days of Sweeping Out The Bats/Jess Vs Life.

I’ll also be talking about how I’ve started incorporating a daily planner into my life which has worked wonders with my ADHD and brain fog.

Stay tuned!


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