Hey, girl, hey

Oh! Hello there! 

I seem to have completely forgotten that I’m attempting to maintain a blog here in hopes to one day be successful! My bad. 

March became kind of a throw-away month beginning around the 15th. Due to a pseudo family emergency situation, I ended up driving two days down to Arkansas, stayed for two days, and then drove two days back. This completely threw off my exercise schedule/routine I’d settled into and I’m struggling HARD to get back into it. Thanks to high stress and then a week of sporadic exercise, I spent about four days in a pretty hardcore depressive episode. As I’ve said probably thousands of times at this point, but am going to say again: regular aerobic exercise is essential to maintaining my mental health and for some reason this fact is the easiest for me to forget and then we end up with situations like hiccup-crying in the bathroom half naked over “being fat forever” but really over “everyone I love is going to die before I want them to” and wanting to crawl under a rock and die and being so angry at myself for “being like this again” and being utterly confused as to how I got there while telling myself “this is just the rest of my life”… but then lifting some heavy things and doing some jumping around (cardio) for an hour a couple days later and feeling like a completely different human and, again, being utterly confused as to why I ever had that meltdown to begin with. Oh, yeah! Endorphins! Serotonin! SCIENCE!

Being me is so much fun!! Don’t you want to be me, too? 

It’s cool. Me either. 

Basically what I’m trying to say is, my plan is to get back into regular updates and all that jazz. Thanks to those of you who have continued to stick around!


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