Week 2 Check-In – Just That Easy?

Well, not quite. As you likely remember, about a month ago I woke up and thought, “I feel gross and tired and uncomfortable.” So, I calculated my TDEE at my current activity level, set my goal calories at 2,000 and spent a week repairing my relationship with MyFitnessPal, tracking food again and getting used to that process while using those good ol’ cognitive behavioral tools consistently and daily to prevent myself from falling into that obsessive self-hate mode that tended to plague me in the past while calorie counting. I decided not to focus too much on macros; get my portions under control, adjust some food choices to include more veggies overall, and get used to the idea of adding some daily activity. I knew to avoid my recurrent back issues strength training was going to be absolutely necessary, especially focusing on glute and core strength. I knew for controlling my depression and anxiety, running as often as I could without injuring myself was imperative. Life was busy happening all around me (and then The Dreaded Sickness), so while I got some workouts in here and there, I didn’t really get committed on the exercise front until about two weeks ago.

The other day I thought to myself, “Well, it was just that easy, wasn’t it?” Except “easy” is deceiving. If it was Just That Easy, I wouldn’t have spent the majority of the last 9 months struggling to get into a routine and a good mental space with that routine. The “easy” for me has much to do with the warm weather and 15 hours of sunlight. Summer Solstice being only a week away and the slow shortening of days beginning is already a constant concern floating around in my head, but I’m trying to not put too much focus on that.

As I mentioned last week, my motivation and follow-through is high. For now. And that’s okay. All I can do is take advantage of it in the moment and hope that my love for the activities I’ve chosen to do will see me through.

Progress check-in at 6/12/16:
Weight: 222lbs (+2lbs – this is my period week, so this didn’t surprise me at all)
Bust: 42.75 (-0.25″)
Under Bust: 37.25″ (+0.25″ – I think I measured incorrectly the first time)
Arm (flexing): 13.75″ (-0.25″)
Waist: 36.75″ (-0.75″)
At Navel: 40.5″ (-1.5″)
Hips: 49.75″ (-0.75″)
Thigh: 29″ (no change)
Calf: 16″ (no change)
Estimated Body Fat: 38.5% (-2.5% – this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, which is why really the best BF estimate (outside of lab testing) is done with calipers and someone trained to use them)

I’m hoping to be prouder of these bi-weekly photos here in another few weeks.. but this is what it is and this body is still a good body that can do lots of cool things.


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