Gosh, you guys. I am infinitely sorry for being so very inconsistent in my blogging. …I’ve been pretty consistent in my healthy habits, though, so that excuses it, right? I thought so, too!

Last post I lamented about my shin splints – well, three weeks later, I’m happy to say I’m all healed up! I ran a couple days last week and felt good. I’ve kept up with my walks and some occasional calisthenics. …but now it is cold, friends. And dark. And this past weekend, for the first time in a couple months, I did not hit my 10,000 step goal due to Hibernation Mode. It’s okay, though. One of my most favorite Body Image Badasses in the whole-wide-world, Sarah Vance, made a little most about this on her Facebook page yesterday:


“75% not into it” is a perfect description of how I feel about basically everything lately. But, as Sarah says about herself, I know if I don’t continue to go out and do things, I won’t feel like me. I’ll sink into a pretty nasty depression funk and will have a hard time crawling out of it until spring is well underway.

So, how am I honoring my hibernation needs while not completely giving myself over to the depression they tend to cause? I make out-of-the-house socialization a priority at least one day each week. This usually comes in the form of going and playing trivia at a local brewery with a couple friends. Despite the cold, I’m still trying to walk 3-5 miles every day, and I’m making my sleep-schedule a top priority. Sunday afternoons have become dedicated to sweatpants and curling up wherever with a good book or magazine. Upping my vitamin D supplement has been a huge help so far this autumn, too.

The fact is, I’m just not going to be feeling up to much until there are more daylight hours and warmer temperatures. And that’s a-okay. I’m looking forward to the holidays and spending some extra time with my family.


The Difference

Today was a very busy day for me at work and while that’s generally a good thing (and it generally was good today), it afforded me little time to think about/plan for eating. Some of you may think, “Perfect!” But not so, my friends. Not so. Lack of thought and/or planning generally ends in a binge for me. And, sure enough, the moment I walked in the door at home this evening I began thinking about what sort of leftover Halloween candy I could begin shoving in my mouth.

I was starving, a little stressed, and my body was desperate for quick energy. And while I did eat a couple pieces of chocolate the moment I walked into my kitchen, I also took a moment to think about what lead me there.

I already know tonight is going to end up a bit of an emotional eating night for me. My last update, I talked about falling out of love with strength training/weight lifting and how I would just proudly wear my Cardio Queen crown and enjoy the movement and my regular physical activity. Well, just as what almost-always happens when I pile on lots of various cardio-focused activities: I’ve developed terrible, terrible shin splints. Adding 2 miles of running three days a week to my existing walking routine of anywhere from 3-6 miles/day was too much too soon for my lower legs. Add that to a pair of new running shoes that were not a great fit for my forefoot strike and heavier body weight? Disaster.

I’ll have to stop running for at least 2 weeks. Right as we come into November. 5 days before Daylight Savings Time ends. Smack in the middle of a struggle with SAD. This is obviously a little upsetting for me.

Will tiny candy bars heal my shin splints? No. Will they give me a little bit of an endorphin boost, release some much-needed serotonin? Absolutely! And so I shall eat them – after consuming a nutritious, well-balanced dinner to prevent over-eating them. And I shall enjoy them. And it will be good.