I need sleep and some goddamn salad

I really need to find my focus for exercise. I did 5 weeks of regular strength training 2-3 days/week and continuing all my walking and hiking. My 6th week was interrupted by my chronic back problems. I returned to physical therapy for a little while and have been cleared now for almost two(?) weeks… but the motivational damage seems to have been done. Big time.

Then I went on a mini-vacation this past weekend and ate and drank all that Charleston, SC had to offer.

Listen, I know fat is not a feeling… but I am feeling very fat today. And really what that means is:

  • I’m very bloated because I’ve just started my period
  • I drank a lot of alcohol over the last few days and this is contributing to both my current mental state and water retention
  • I ate something over the last couple days that isn’t sitting quite right and that’s also making me feel kind of puffy and generally gross
  • I ate very few fruits and veggies over the last few days
  • I didn’t sleep well while out of town
  • It was incredibly hot and humid in SC – more water retention
  • I probably could have drank more water than I did
  • Some really inconvenient and potentially expensive issues popped up with my house while I was gone which has tanked my ability to be bright and positive about anything at this point in time

(PS – f*ck home ownership)

I don’t know how to get back on-track with daily exercise other than just talk about it a whole bunch until it results in some action. I’ve been thinking a lot about re-joining my local gym and actually shelling out some money for personal training sessions. I want to overhaul my diet a bit, too. I think I have a tendency to hide a little bit behind “moderation” – I could stand to eat a lot more fruits and veggies and a helluva lot less pizza and fried food than I currently do. These things are more long-term-type goals, but putting them out into the ether is good. The foundations are being laid for implementing some change.


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