Impostor No More

I mentioned last post that I had a story to tell about physical therapy – so here we go!

Ironic that I one of the last regular blog posts I wrote was about being a runner, feeling like an impostor runner, etc. etc. …so, turns out, I probably shouldn’t run ever again! tenor

For my back health…. but, also, funny enough, my knees. Apparently my knees are not doing so great. Even though I’m not having any pain (yet), they make this really nasty crackling noise, which means my cartilage is wearing away and if I continue with high-impact exercise (LIKE RUNNING!) I could very easily end up arthritic down the road. In the words of my physical therapist, “If running isn’t your source of income, you probably shouldn’t do it.”

Okay, then.

The good news is, I can still walk, hike, bike, swim, and goof off on an elliptical. My main source of exercise for the last several months has been walking and hiking anyhow. I’d like to give biking a shot, too.

Nonetheless, this information was a little devastating. I’ve recently been really looking forward to returning to running. Now I just need to look forward to discovering new cardio outlets!